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Athens 2008

22. 1. 2009

Athens 2008

The last days of a Farewell World Tour

July 23 and 24 - Herod Atticus Theatre

For one year, July 23, 2008 circulated as being the date of the ultimate concert of the farewell tour. As soon as it was officialized, several fans made arrangements to attend it. I was concerned about my two-month trip in Germany planned for a long time. Therefore, it was not in my plans to attend. But as the big day approached, a friend suggested and encouraged me to consider going to Athens. Even the friends that I was going to visit in Germany were flying to Athens. Little by little, I made up my mind and I made the necessary steps. I was surely not the only one because the tickets were sold out within a day and an additional performance had to be added. So I could meet up with my friends, meet new fans, see the concerts and visit a bit of Athens.......more :





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