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Australia 2001


( talk with Juliett Jameson )




Are very industrious woman ,it seems that when no turn songs so are always on waies.

Yes am , it is that a what me holds alive . Find in work much gaieties and loves.

How from you state such industrious woman ?

Behind cub am was such unsightly duckling. Had am much complexs . Has sister was beautiful , I no. Namely me racked. But as I began sing so me every paid attention . As I was sad so would for choice somewhere saddle to the corner but as I had joy , so would for choice leapt up the room and sang . In this way am meaned it's emotion . A as I sang every me liked so am grow up with the idea as though from vocally am felt safely.

Unsightly duckling ? But did you yet beautiful !

Thank you . But when contemplation by return on it's photograph , so am it so felt.

A didn't want are will never change its form ?

I think as though it as I looked at the beginning , wasn't for me as far as so important . Rather it , what am made and as I it made . That is why if something decide do and do that the best advantage what it can give thereinto everything. I am it so did .

Why have you got always glasses ?

Glasses were my part of . A until am wasn't known so me at it nobody Neptune . In a jiffy as I had success so me every he said : You have to deprive glasses , get contact lenses and will from you blonde

It's good look nice but it already would wasn't I . Namely was for me important !

White Rose Atén" Váš first hit wind in r . 1961 , accrues you it like not long ago ?

It yes but is that a 40 years from turning and was it in Germany . Am most grateful as though after 40 years find people that the me want to hear sing . Life was to me very generous .

German is one of 11 languages which sing .

Greece every doesn't speak. I think as though is that a exteriorization respect to all people sang the song in her language . Was am used travel with much book so am learn .

What Your daughter ?

Now will sing my daughter here . Is that a for me exciting as well as interesting her present.

Are already grandmother ?

No not yet , they're lazy at it have children . I am sang and had am two children and that is it what them always say . „ have children is that a it most precious and at it you must do time" .



Europe is mine home

( interview 2006 )




At celebration his 70 birthday announced Nana Mouskouri termination its path.In interview speaks this songstress about how is for her heavy separation with audience.

Nana is at the top his corrie - era but yet v.r. 2006 usher in separation with audience.........

What are you hereto led?

Nana : She wanted would that in life yet much do and she wanted would at last somewhere have continual home.Lifetime am travelled and slept after hotels.At home am poisoned little time.Europe is mine home – Germany and Greece.In Greece I want finish it's leave - taking,I want help young people,because them belongs to future.Perhaps I'll yet concert but already ne travel all the world over.

In next year plan Your big leave - taking what with that have you got feelings?

Nana : Is that a for me much heavy say „ good - bye" today am here and tomorrow no more....... It's life.

Therefore is that a for me important.Share about music and mediate between it's feelings.Culture is today so commercial,people want to vydelavat big pennies and be famous.But about it yet doesn't go.The way is important they should learn and cognize people.

What wish this young people ?

Nana : They should optimize,be ourselves you and believe . Above all would didn't have nobody imitate but have personal personality . Today is so much people what kopirujou second and at the same time have such possibilities . Why should they pick model by other ? That is why should every get its chance,evolve its talent.

At option ditty on Your actual Best Of album : „ had am laugh – had am cry" what are thereat thought ?

Nana : Passed I'm lucky also sad moment in mine life.Life isn't light . All problems me upheld overrule people . Has path was exquisite but were also heavy moment . In mine songs am sang about his sensations. Sometimes am was sad and sang am about sun and at the same time am don't forget nor like a rain . When the both these things accept and instruct with problems , it is possible live also below cloud.

Write its biography , what are you hereto led ?

Nana : Met am much people which me that much have given . It am she wanted describe . Among others would have had fans learn also other things from of my life that the doesn't know and whereof am instruct . Is sposta thing which people doesn't know that is why I hope as though it for them will interesting ….............






29.12.2006 Obrazek

Nana Mouskouri was invited to the Greek television , talk led known Greek newspaperwoman lady Panagiotarea.

Talk had big success and in the end Nana zaspivala famous song

Hartimo Fengaraki" and expressed wish for all people in Greece.

Nana announced as though valedictory world tour and termination her path will culminate in Athens in r . 2008





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