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Koncert 24 6 2008 Thessaloniki

30. 8. 2008

Koncert 24 . 6 . 2008




Tento koncert se konal v THEATRO GIS 


Divadlo bylo plně obsazeno 6000 fanoušků







How blessed can a person actually be?
I had the chance to visit Frankfurt about a week ago just for Celine Dion's concert. A great voice indeed! A unique performance as well!
But another true Lady was waiting for me round the corner a week after I had returned back home. My dear, our dear, the world's dearest Nana Mouskouri appeared in front of her mesmerised audience yesterday in my city, Thessaloniki, northern Greece.

Dressed in a white gown, symbol of purity, sincerity and peace, Nana stood there in front of all of us singing for almost two hours non-stop. From the traditional Greek song 'Milise mou' and the English great hits to the amazing French 'Plaisir d' amour' and the passionate Spanish 'Besame mucho'... more and more songs followed, even one or two in German. In between she paused and shared with us valuable pieces of her wonderfully blessed life talking about her childhood, her interest in music, her very first steps abroad, her collaborations with famous singers. And she also confessed to us that she remained deep down the very Greek person she was when she left Greece ages ago embarking on her brand new career that lay ahead.

THIS Lady has gathered the world together with her voice, her songs, her humble appearance. I don't think politicians have accomplished that, with the exception of few ones.
THIS Lady has proved once again that quality never ceases to exist. And what really motivated her to 'reach the sky' was the endless love she had for music. As she said "It doesn't matter WHAT you do. What matters is HOW you do it".

My dear fans of Nana Mouskouri's, I promise to be back with photos and videoclips of her first Greek concert at the end of her World Tour.

Kindest regards to you all out there from sunny and scorching Greece,

George Vlahos

37 years old

(thank you George Vlahos)





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