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Nana Mouskouri in concert

22. 7. 2008

Nana Mouskouri in concert


Odeon Of Herodes Atticus/ 23 & 24 July 2008, 21:00

Luciano Di Napoli, band leader, piano & vocals
Yannick Deborne, guitar, bouzouki & vocals
Lucien Zerrad, guitar
Philippe Pregno, saxophone, keyboards, percussion & vocals
Jean-Philippe Roux, bass
Christophe Gallizio, drums







In 1961, Nana Mouskouri was leaving Athens behind to pursue the dream which Europe seemed to promise her. Her confidence in herself and what she was doing, coupled with a lot of hard work, made her an ambassador for Greek song, and her efforts have brought Greek music to the four corners of the world. Now, 50 years since her debut, she returns to bring her career to a sparkling end in one of her homeland’s most glorious theatres. Singing everything from Hadjidakis to Dylan, and Irish ballads to the polyphonic folk songs of Epirus, she shows us why she has remained a star for so long, and what it is that has kept her at the top: her sense of wonder. Wonder-struck at the gift Nature has bestowed on her, she accepted it and made it part of herself without ever demanding admiration in return [A.D.].





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